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Also in the very early hours of the morning

Sent in by Mark from a driving school in Derbyshire

Me: At the next roundabout we will be turning right, so take the second exit.

Pupil: How do you know the second exit is a right turn?

Me: If the exit is past 12 o’clock, then it is classed as a right turn and we handle it that way.

Pupil: Oh, ok… so in the afternoon it’s a right hand turn?


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Don’t Panic

Sent in by Dave, from a driving school in Nottingham

My pupil and I were on a normal lesson, driving down a relatively narrow road. In the distance I saw a lorry approaching quite quickly; a new experience for my pupil.

Me: OK, what could we do to reduce risk in this situation?

Pupil: Sh*t! Cover my eyes and try not to panic!

It could have been worse – that first exclamation mark could have been a comma.

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