Leaving it a bit late

This was sent in by Will from his driving school in Huddersfield
I’ve had two of these phone calls, and both times I was left with sheer wonder at the thought process.

Time of call – Saturday at 9.20am

Caller – Hi, do you do driving lessons in Huddersfield?

Me – Yes I do, how can I help you?

Caller – I have a test booked and wanted to get a lesson in before hand.

Me – I’m sure I can help you do that. What I usually do with new pupils is take them out and give them an assessment. If I felt their driving was good enough to give them the keys and let them drive alone in my car, then I would be happy for them to take their test; in other words I only let people take their test in my car if I think they are ready.

Caller – That seems fair, are you free Saturday morning?

Me – Next Saturday?

Caller – This Saturday.

Me – If you mean today, then no; I’m already booked up, but I might be able to fit you in next week.

Caller – Oh… is there no way you can do today?

Me – Sorry, no. Is there any other time you would like this week?

Caller – No, I really need the lesson today; my test is at 11 o’ clock.

Me – Your test is at 11am this morning and you’ve waited until now to book a lesson before your test?

Caller – Yes.

I called him back the next day to see how he fared with other instructors he rang. As it turned out  – surprisingly! – he couldn’t take his test due to lack of a car. I then got a call from him again, about a month later. The conversation was remarkably similar to the first.

Some people never learn!


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  1. matt

    This blog’s great!! 🙂

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