He didn’t count(y) on how many test centres Kent has

This was sent in by Amanda from a driving school in Folkestone, Kent

I used to work for a driving school – not as an instructor, but answering the phones. I really hope this guy isn’t out on the roads – if so, I’m staying inside.

Me: Good afternoon, can I help you?

Customer: Yeah, I wonder if you can help me, what it is, yeah, is that I need a driving test. Do you do driving tests?

Me: We do driving lessons, to prepare you for your test…

Customer: Nah nah nah. Driving tests.

Me: We give driving lessons that lead to a driving test, is that what you mean?

Customer: Yeah. I’ve got my test booked on Saturday.

Me: Ah. In that case then I don’t think we can help. Our instructors are usually booked up at least a week in advance, and very rarely can do just a test at such short notice. Especially not on a Saturday, I’m sorry.

Customer: Can you see about cancellations?”

Me: I will, but the odds of an instructor in the area you’ve booked your test having a pupil cancel at the exact time you’ve booked your test are not in your favour, I’m afraid…

Customer: Can you just check, yeah?

Me: Ok, whereabouts is your test booked?

Customer: In Kent.

Me: Where in Kent?

Customer: I don’t know!

Me: You’ve got a test booked on Saturday and you don’t know where?

Customer: Can you find out for me?

Me: No, I’m afraid I don’t have access to that sort of information.

Customer: Well, it’s in Kent.

Me: I can’t help you if you don’t know where your test is booked.

Customer: Does it matter? It’s in Kent!

Me: Look, if you’re going to take your test on Saturday, you need to know where it is.

Customer: This is f***ing ridiculous!

Me: Yes, it is. Do you actually know how big Kent is?

Customer: Er….

Me: It’s a county –  about three or four times the size of London.

Customer: … Oh. I’ll call back.

He didn’t.



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2 responses to “He didn’t count(y) on how many test centres Kent has

  1. Lana

    Tee Hee,

    Some people should not be allowed to talk on the phone, let alone drive

  2. sara

    haha. the joy of customer calls! It’s surprising how stupid people are. I agree with Lana- it’s worrying these people are on the roads :s very good story though!

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